Truth... I didn't know what the heck to name this ring, so I went to for some help. Low and behold... the "Word of the Day" was cathartic.  I laughed because manipulating metal into wearable art is definitely a cathartic practice for my creative soul. 




[ kuh-thahr-tik ]  


of or relating to the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music.


This ring was a piece that was handcrafted out of curiosity of what the final result would look like using twisted wire... and that folks, is how a ring is born. [Well... this one anyway.] Sometimes I have a design in mind others I just want to work with a specific material because I love how it looks. Brass is beautiful but a very hard metal to manipulate, literally. ❤️

band width - 3.5mm

focal spiral - 15mmx17mm

metal - oxidized brass

JBS rings are made from high quality metals; hand forged one at a time to ensure stellar artisan quality.




    • Silk storage pouch
    • Silver polishing cloth
    • Care Instructions
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    • Contact Stephanie with any concerns.
    • Satisfaction is guaranteed.