Stephanie Arner

Born in Lexington Park, Maryland (1974)

Resides in Savannah, Georgia


     My work encompasses the emotional process of acceptance, resolve and evolution: closing the door on the past in order to embrace the future.  Art-making as an expressive experience allows me to create intuitively with premeditated and found objects; thus challenging my need to solve self-imposed creative problems inspired by personal experiences.  The act of critical thinking and physically making work is as equally important to me as the finished piece itself, even though the viewer is not privy to these unseen components.  My devotion to create highly detailed work is not only supported by personal growth, but also my 18 years experience in Jewelry Design, extensive historical and scientific research, and my desire to address current environmental issues. My wearable art influences include Couture Fashion Designers: Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Alexander McQueen. ❤️